Desktop application development

In the recent years, the number of solutions based on web portals has expanded significantly. These portals offer satisfactory and efficient solutions for most problems, however, there are special cases for which a desktop-based system is necessary. In addition to the development of web based portal systems, EN-CO Software cPlc. is also committed to desktop application development.

Benefits of desktop applications:
  • Operation is optimized for the operating system
  • Operation is optimized for the devices used
  • Complete graphic framework support
  • Separated (network-free) local operation
  • Operation without central server
  • Broad and efficient communication with external peripherals
Typical fields where desktop applications are used:
  • Graphical applications
  • CAD applications
  • Industrial production
  • Industrial image recognition
  • Autonomous systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Computer games

Desktop alkalmazás fejlesztés

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