Webportals based on PHP

Our company has many years of experience in developing PHP-based systems.

PHP is currently the most widly-used open-source general server-side scripting language, creating dynamic and interactive web pages. There is a large development community behind it, so it is a widespread, well-documented technology.

It can be embedded into HTML pages, because of its platform independence, it supports the most common operating systems, running both Windows and Linux servers. Several open source frameworks are available from general systems such as:

up to CMS systems, for example:

WordPress is the most popular of these, which gives an uniform interface for editing our blog or portal. After building the frame, there is no need for significant developer skills, it is very easy to add new elements to the system with basic user knowledge. Ideal for creating smaller pages and strat-up websites.

PHP can collaborate with all popular and open source database systems, such as PostgreSQL or MySQL. Many external services can be directly integrated into WordPress, for example Google Maps, Facebook API etc..

EN-CO Software can develop new PHP-based systems for you or your company or examine your existing PHP systems, from QA (quality assurance) aspects as well. Our experienced colleagues make suggestions to improve or modify your system. If required, replace your old system according to your needs. In addition, we also suggest solutions to the necessary hardware and software resources including the hosting for you.

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